20th H.O.G. Rally – Croatia

My first ever H.O.G. Rally - it was in Croatia in 2011. Town called Biograd: This was the first time I saw so many bikes in one place - it was a dream come true! I even put this on my album: 'The beginning of dreams coming true....' It was a long time ago now, … Continue reading 20th H.O.G. Rally – Croatia

IFRD 2018

IFRD 2018 I participated at my first IFRD in May 2018. International Female Ride Day© (IFRD) is a campaign for women motorcycle riders across all cultures of the sport, with the purpose of highlighting and profiling the many numbers of woman riders enjoying the activity. It is an all brands, all forms, and all styles worldwide ride. … Continue reading IFRD 2018

The Journey Begins

First of all welcome (traveller, soul, motorcycle enthusiast, ahh, whoever, welcome!). You've probably found me in a search of some motorcycle stuff and things (stuff and things, how very specific, no?). Hopefully, you’ll see something you’ll love (preferably something purple) and share it on. It started with a chat with my colleague at the time. … Continue reading The Journey Begins