All Female Biker Meet – Day 2

Hello, Continuing on day 2 🙂 After a good breakfast in the hotel, we were again discussing the same dilemma as the day before. Should we wear our rain suits or no? The rain answered our question - we had to wear them as of course it started to rain. Good thing we did Cat … Continue reading All Female Biker Meet – Day 2

Weekend trip

Hiya all, I still haven't uploaded the video from the Waterford festival, shame on me, but I will, this week I promise 🙂 It is really great to see so many bikers, and then the entrance to the city was just so unexpected! But, today I wanted to give you a heads up on what … Continue reading Weekend trip

Munchen IMOT

There is an International Motorcycle Exhibition in Munich-Freimann (Germany), IMOT where you can see novelties for the upcoming bike season. Not only limited to motorcycles, but also accessories and tuning parts. Usually, they have tour operators specialised on bike tours exhibit their products and if you get a chance, you can go on demo rides … Continue reading Munchen IMOT