All Female Biker Meet – Day 2


Continuing on day 2 🙂

After a good breakfast in the hotel, we were again discussing the same dilemma as the day before. Should we wear our rain suits or no? The rain answered our question – we had to wear them as of course it started to rain. Good thing we did Cat & Fiddle yesterday.

After packing, we read on the FB page that they will actually start a little bit later than planned, so we took our time. We had just around half an hour to get there, but the ride wasn’t exactly nice with all the rain. And, coming closer to the Lynn’s Raven Cafe, we saw there was an accident and the road was blocked. So we had to go all around to get to the cafe.  Upon arrival, they have mistaken us for support, but after sorting it out, we managed to find where we should sign up. Not much people were there, but I got my number and parked in the designated place. I was happy with the nice number 😀



There were a couple of pictures after the event:

Definitely not looking sexy in this freaking ugly moto clothes :mrgreen: :mrgreen: :mrgreen:

But, safety first! :mrgreen:

We stayed a bit, had some coffee at the Lynn’s Cafe, bought some raffle ticket (didn’t get nothing) and checked some of the stands that were there.



FB Photos

As the weather was so bad, we didn’t take many photos on the way. We did the whole tour as planned, riding through Snowdonia, although, I do think it is much nicer when it’s not raining 😆

We took a couple of photos of the nice hotel we stayed at in Holyhead, and the next day went on the ferry again.

Fortunately for us, it finally didn’t rain on the way back home 🙂


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