All Female Biker Meet – Day 1

Hi everyone!

Finally, some time to write about the weekend trip I mentioned earlier.

We decided to go to the UK and attend the Wolrd’s Largest All Female Biker Meet 2018. I planned the route and wanted to cross one of our Bucket List – the Cat & Fiddle road.

This was the planned route, and now I can say, we managed to do it 🙂

The only problem was – the weather was horrible, to say the least.

We woke up around 5:30 AM on Saturday because we had to go on a ferry to Holyhead at 8 AM, and I do have to have something for breakfast because otherwise, I’d be moody 😀 It was kinda cloudy, but no rain, so we were ok. Met a couple of bikers on the ferry and they were soaking wet. Travelling across Ireland and didn’t have much luck with the weather. This was my second time with a bike on a ferry – I don’t like it. The slippery surface, steep climb to the parking places, not for me. It wasn’t that hard, but I don’t like it nonetheless. Got into the restaurant, got some coffee and we were set to go.

Waiting for the ferry

We both realised we can stand travelling by sea for about 2 hours, not more. I just hate it! You can probably get used to it as people that are working on the board, but I was just feeling sick all the time, and the last hour was the worst. The rain was on and off during the trip, but when we arrived at Holyhead, it stopped. We were having a discussion on should we put on the rain suits immediately or no. We decided no as the forecast was looking ok. To our surprise, when we got off the ferry, it started to rain so much, that we decided to find a petrol station so we can change into our rain suits. By the time we found one, we were soaking wet, and of course, the rain stopped as soon as we got under a roof. Typical!

It looked like it was going to clear, we could see the sun coming out, and we decided to risk it. Needless to say, after 5 minutes, the rain started again, and it was even heavier than before. We found another petrol station in about 10 minutes, enough for me to be downright pissed. We put on our rain suits, which is a nightmare to put on, but, not much choice. After about half an hour we started to ride again, with sunshine making our life miserable.

The weather was changing all day, and it wasn’t really nice to ride. Although, we did see some really nice places on the way to Crewe where our hotel was. Most of the time I was just focusing on riding safely and trying to see through all the rain. Not pleasant. I think we both regretted it a couple of times and I was for sure cursing myself on who’s idea was this 😯

We decided to eat once we are at the hotel as I just wanted somewhere to sit down and relax. We planned to be in the hotel around 5 PM, and if we managed to do that, maybe we would have enough time to go to the Cat & Fiddle. We arrived at the hotel at exactly 5 PM, and I was so proud to plan it like that 😀 The hotel was amazing:

We decided to eat something and then use the little good weather that we finally had and see Cat & Fiddle:

The way up to the Cat & Fiddle was amazing! Everything was amazing. The roads were empty, and the scenery was wonderful:


We loved Cat & Fiddle. It was sunny, and the visibility was not great, but some of the photos were artistic just because of that 🙂

Cat & Fiddle Pub



We were dead after this so just went to sleep as we had to go to the meet the next day.


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