Croatia – World Cup

Warning: not a motorcycle post!

For someone who doesn’t watch football very much, this year was different.

I admit it is only because Croatia was playing 😀
I remember the World Cup 1998 when I was just a teenager – but I remember it like it was the last one in 2014 😀 – we won the third place.

It took us some time, but we are second in the world – feels like we are the first!
I think that the whole country is so proud and I wanted to share the pictures of how Croatians are celebrating. I am afraid what would happen if we actually won gold; month holidays? The whole freakin’ country would just stop 😀

World Cup 2018 – Croatia celebrates World Cup success:


I was crying because I wasn’t home for this. Live from national TV:

Just a little bit of atmosphere from there – it was just unbelievably indescribable!!

Disclaimer: These are not my photographs unfortunately and the credit goes to the owners!

One for the end from our own great caricaturist Nik Titanik:



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