Moto school

After my motorcycle accident, I must say I was afraid to sit down on a bike again. I knew I wanted to, but the fear was there and I thought I will for sure have another one.

This is when having someone at your side that is encouraging and supportive means a world! My boyfriend decided that I should go to and ride again with one of the best riders in Croatia – Krešimir Erdec; a holder of the title of the fastest Croat on Grobnik. He founded a Motorcycling school of safe ride on Grobnik – 99 Racing School.
So we decided to go there.


I was nervous as hell, what am I going to do on a race track and I haven’t even sat on a bike for some time now, and I was really sceptical about all of this.

On the road to Grobnik

We met with Kec, and he showed us around. He had a place where he teaches all of the riders, either beginners like me, or even pro guys that were racing for real.
He had this funny bike with auxiliary wheels, and this gave me a little bit more confidence as I knew I couldn’t fall off.

He taught some theoretical stuff that is really handy to know, which of course they don’t teach you at a motorcycle school. He was all about safety and how to do the right thing if you ever get in trouble.

We did some circles leaning into corners, trying different speeds – it was terrific, I loved it so much that I would go again!
This was all day, teaching, driving, listening to some old motorcycle wisdom. Being there with all the people who are riders was just an amazing feeling altogether.

I learned a lot, and don’t have to say that I am now riding and there isn’t that fear anymore that I will fall just out of the blue. There is fear, always present in a healthy amount, it keeps us alert. But I don’t have that crippling feeling and self-doubt that I had before which is really liberating!


The school is in Croatia, Grobnik – motorsport race track, near the city of Rijeka. I definitely suggest you at least go and check it out if you are ever close by 🙂

Do I have to say, I am not in any way affiliated with the school 😀

See ya!

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