Skerries 100 race 2018

This weekend there was a race in the town of Skerries, Ireland. It is usually held on the first Saturday in July. As our plans to go somewhere abroad failed miserably (a story for another time), we decided to check it out even though we are not too big of fans of racing.
But, there are motorcycles there so… duh! 😀

This year was the 10th year anniversary of the death of Martin Finnegan – Irish motorcycle racer, known a “The Big Man from Lusk” – winning a total of 43 road races. In addition to winning the 2000 Junior Newcomers Manx Grand Prix, Finnegan scored a podium at the 2005 Isle of Man TT where he became the fastest Irishman to lap the course at over 127 mph.
He lost his life on 3rd May while competing in the Supersport 600 race at the Tandragee 100.

This race was a Martin Finnegan Memorial Superbike race, with the largest prize fund for a national road race.


We came too early, paid the entrance, got the program and looked around a bit before deciding to go and drive to the north before the practice run starts.


We drove up north to Dundalk and then Newry, UK, avoiding motorways – which is always the best decision one can make! The day was beautiful, and the views were breathtaking. Got some fast lunch at KFC and decided to go back and see some racing 🙂

We found a place, and the timing was perfect, just when it was about to start. But, some commotion going around, not sure why. We waited, and waited. And then the announcement that everything is cancelled for today! We spoke with some people, and they were saying that there was a fatality and that this is the reason everything is cancelled.  Took just a few pics when we were going back:

This amused us on our way home, so I had to take a picture:

Not to be confused with a metal band Manowar 😀

Later that day we found out what happened. As a great shock to everyone, we found out that motorcyclist William Dunlop had died in the practice run. He was the same age as me, he had a family and apparently expecting a second child. His father and uncle died also racing, and the whole story is just tragic 😦

It is always so sad to see someone gets hurt, and in the worst scenarios like this – die. However, I think that most of us who ride will agree – at least, he died doing something that he loved. As cliche as this sounds, at least for me I know it is true.


 William Dunlop RIP 1984 – 2018

We decided not to go on Sunday even though his family gave their blessing for Sunday’s race day to continue as planned. The entire prize fund will be donated to William Dunlop’s family.

I do hope some happier blog posts will follow.

Till next time,



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