Trying a new Ducati

Such a warm and sunny day finally, so we decided to go for a ride. After filling the tank we agreed to go to the local Harley dealership and see if some of our friends are there and we can all go together for a spin.

To our surprise, Ducati had a Roadshow there and I’ve realised I have actually never tried a Ducati before. That would be cool if they had something available we can try.


The nice lady there checked what bikes they have and I have decided on STREET CLASSIC, while my partner tried Supersport S:


Short verdict:
– I didn’t like it! 😀
– He loved it! 😀

I guess that I just got so used to my bike, that anything different (smaller, bigger, quieter, etc.) is just not good. I didnćt like the handlebars as they were too skinny, like holding a popsicle.  My sitting position wasn’t comfortable so my arms started to hurt. Most of all I didn’t like that it was so silent – compared to my magnificently loud HD, this is just strange and I prefer it when it can wake the dead 🙂

However, I loved that it tracks nicely. Every corner and roundabout was a pleasure to pass. And I got the impression that it was small so you could squeeze easily through the traffic in the city.

In the end, If I got the money, I wouldn’t buy it. Maybe this one I would: Ducati Diavel 😀

North Ireland Motorcycle show

My partner was in love, so I guess he would love to have one. 😀

After the ride we had to get some food – and this is just great to try!

Mongolian BBQ – Dublin


Till’ the next post 🙂


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