Munchen IMOT

There is an International Motorcycle Exhibition in Munich-Freimann (Germany), IMOT where you can see novelties for the upcoming bike season. Not only limited to motorcycles, but also accessories and tuning parts.
Usually, they have tour operators specialised on bike tours exhibit their products and if you get a chance, you can go on demo rides on motorcycles or quads.
Of course, it is followed up by various show events.

We went there in 2015 and had a chance also to visit BMW Museum which was amazing to see!

The exhibition was in the impressive Allianz Arena:

Allianz Arena München
Allianz Arena München

Although, didn’t look like this when we were there as it was a cold, rainy day – and snowing 😀


There was a huge amount of people and bikes – just the perfect day!

Some came for the hostesses:

Imot1 (4)

I was trying out some of the bikes, unfortunately, didn’t buy any 😀

Imot1 (2)

There were different presentations and talks and also some really strange things to buy there 😀

And of course, Harley Davidson was there – must say, we were not impressed with what they had – like they don’t bother anymore. But still, loved the purple one! 😀

You can check the event page here:

If you find yourself close to Munich at that time of year I suggest you go and see it. But, I wouldn’t go there again planned as we did here.

See ya!

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