My first motorcycle [&crash]

My, let’s say ‘motorcycle journey’, wasn’t all in all easy and fun.

When I was learning to ride, my friend gave me his bike to do a few rounds in the parking lot. I was happy to try, I already had some hours of driving done so I accepted. Sat on the bike, did a couple of rounds, everything was fine, but when I had to stop, I wasn’t able to put the whole foot down (being too short and all), so I fell with the bike on the left side. Stupidly I tried to stop the fall with my left foot and realised I just couldn’t and actually managed to break my foot. Didn’t realise it at the time. I was limping for a few days, thinking it will pass. When my friends finally made me do an x-ray, I saw what I did:


It doesn’t look bad, it didn’t hurt (much) but I had to wear a cast and walk on crutches for 2 months!?! I hated it, and the worst was that I damaged a friends bike and that I couldn’t continue riding. So I postponed getting a licence for that time.


After this ordeal, I finally took off the cast and once I could walk normally again I resumed my moto school so I could get a licence. I passed on the first try and was so happy that I started thinking about what motorcycle I want to buy.

I bought my first motorcycle in 2011 and started to drive it in 2012. It was an old bike and in need of some fixing.

Yamaha Dragstar 650
Yamaha Dragstar 650

Although I liked the bike, it was too big for a beginner and of course, I had some troubles with it.

I had my first big motorcycle accident with this bike – I actually ended up in the ambulance. I was going with a couple of acquaintances to the local moto event. It was my first group ride and at almost the end of our trip, I managed to hit my friend in front of me which pushed me to hit a car – flying across the side of the car on the gravel and of course a bonus – my bike hit a couple of custom Harley Davidson’s parked in front of the bar that was there.

Imagine: Sitting at the bar, drinking cold beer (driving and whatnot) coke and all of the sudden this crazy woman causes chaos and manages to destroy your perfectly polished, EXPENSIVE bike!

I just remember opening my eyes and seeing a huge tall tree, blue sunny skies and people gathering all around me. I checked if I all my teeth are in place, could I feel my legs, my arms. Everything was there but I couldn’t move. At all! Not a millimetre. It was so scary. My friends gathered around me, called an ambulance, called my friends, mom. And I was rushed to the hospital… To cut the whole story short, I was actually fine. Nothing was broken, just a lot of bruises (didn’t even have proper motorcycle clothing) and to this day I am saying: “SAFETY FIRST, ALWAYS!” If I didn’t wear a helmet I wouldn’t be alive today for sure. I would even be a lot better if I had proper safety clothes. I couldn’t move properly for about 2 months, I couldn’t move my right arm even more than that. Still not sure why, as nothing was broken or damaged but it was still strange.


My motorcycle was ruined. At least for me, it was impossible to repair it on the budget I had. So, I sold it for spare parts or if someone wanted and try to fix it.

The nightmare of handling all of this while being unable to move was the worst. I had great people around me that helped so much with the transportation of the bike and with everything. Not to say handling the lawsuit and the fine for “disturbing the public peace and quiet” (thank god for the insurance that covered all the other bikes that were damaged). Luckily there are always people who want to help so I will be eternally grateful!

The guy that bought my bike, contacted me a couple of months later with the pictures of the bike. I was so happy to see that the bike is fine and finally in good shape. I like it even more like this:

He did the most himself and told me it would just be too expensive if he had to pay for it to be fixed. But in the end, he was very happy with the final results and I do hope he still rides it to this day 🙂

I think the worst wasn’t actually the accident itself, or the cost, or the pain or handling everything and being forever in debt to the people who helped… The worst was losing the faith. People telling me: ‘Yeah, maybe you should re-think all this motorcycle stuff!
Even worse was that I started to believe it myself. And that felt terrible 😦
My confidence was non-existent after that, I felt like a wannabe and like some sort of imposter for wanting to be ‘a biker’. I would look at bikes with such sadness and a though ‘I will never ride again’ – because I am just not good at that.

But thankfully, some events took a strange new turn in my life and this isn’t true. I sat on the bike again, I am riding again and I couldn’t be happier because now I know – this is something I wanna do as long as I can do it for the rest of my life.

And if you ever feel like me, like you ‘don’t belong‘ or ‘can’t ride‘ or like you ‘don’t deserve it‘ – please STOP it right now and believe me when I say that YOU CAN DO ANYTHING! And there is a contact page on this site and I am always willing to put some optimism and motivation out there and convince you that if you really want it, there is always a way!

Never Give Up!


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