The Journey Begins

First of all welcome (traveller, soul, motorcycle enthusiast, ahh, whoever, welcome!).

“A good traveller has no fixed plans, and is not intent on arriving.” — Lao Tzu

You’ve probably found me in a search of some motorcycle stuff and things (stuff and things, how very specific, no?). Hopefully, you’ll see something you’ll love (preferably something purple) and share it on.

It started with a chat with my colleague at the time. Just talking about this, all beautiful life, what interests us; what we want out of it in general and this kind of deep, afternoon chat after a lunch at work. He knows I’m into motorcycles so he just asked me why am I not writing about my travels, as I was just talking about a recent weekend ride.
My response: “There are too many blogs out there already and anyway, who would read that, why me…” – and oh, so many different annoying little excuses.
Somewhere along my life, I got this idea that people – prefer doing stuff – not reading about someone else’s travels; just not something that would be interesting.
He convinced me I was wrong – one of the rare cases I do hope I am wrong 😀

To cut the long story short (and this wasn’t a short, one-day discussion) – here we are now 😀 Doing it first and foremost for myself; as a creative outlet, like a diary of some sort. Most of it will be nice stories about all kinds of travels, some pics, the standard stuff. But there will also be stories that aren’t are as nice and peachy, there are some I would rather not remember. But maybe, there is someone who is going through the same issues and if this helps – that would be amazing!

If you like it, great, if you don’t – go away! Now, you know, the little x in the corner will close the page 😀


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